(PT) Educating for Sustainability

In the cities where we are present, we develop awareness and environmental education activities, with a special focus on the youngest. What is the circular economy? How can we contribute? How do waste resources be made? These are some of the themes addressed in the sessions, always carried out by Veolia's own employees.

(PT) Future Up

From community to community, Future Up is a Galp Educational Social Movement that counts on the action of children and young people, teachers, volunteers and partners, to bring real positive impact to society. We challenge everyone who wants to be part of the change to learn, to act, to teach and to actively participate in the themes of sustainability, energy and the planet, bringing new ideas, new solutions and a new future ahead.

(PT) Water Footprint Calculator

The individual water footprint consists of the water needed to produce the goods and services we consume. Calculate your individual water footprint using our calculator! Calculations are based on water requirements per unit of product, according to your country of residence.

(PT) Environmental education - ANP

Here you will find educational resources related to Our Planet episodes, which can be used individually by students and with colleagues.


This is the Maltese EkoSkola website. An Eko-Skola link teacher helped audit our first version of our module. EkoSkola teachers participated in our multiplier event and now have the multimodal case studies at their disposal.