TEDS Project

The project will be developed in the context of 5 European countries and different teacher education institutions *working in collaboration with their partners, school teachers and teacher educators* belonging to schools association training centers in diverse regions of Europe. The main aim of this project is to *equip european educators with state of the art knowledge and tools for contexts of practice in order to promote education for sustainability (EduS)* through the conception of a framework of reference for designing teacher education programs assuming that the participation of teachers and teacher educators is fundamental. In order to understand how to educate teachers and teacher educators for EduS, the team of the project …will analyze and systematize produced knowledge on EduS; …will analyze teachers and teacher educators’ social representations on EduS; …will develop collaboratively teacher education programs (TEdP) in order to reinforce networking within the community of teachers, teacher educators, …; …will develop and disseminate case studies on teacher education for EduS.

Phases of the Project

The project has 3 phases:

(1) construction of teacher EduS framework, emerging from a literature review and a characterization of teachers and teacher educators’ social representations;

(2) design, implementation and evaluation of TEdP, including action research projects in schools for EduS;

(3) construction of a teacher education framework for EduS and dissemination of the project results at institutional, local, regional, national and European levels.

Linhas 33 - University of Aveiro Magazine

Starting on page 22, the University's contributions to the SDGs can be read. The TEDS project is mentioned, within the objective of: ensuring inclusive, equitable and quality education, and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Read the magazine

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